8ft Project Lead Luthier / Maker of the project's 'Talbot' Bass Violin

Drew's Story...

Drew Evans is a Luthier based in Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire. Born and raised in the town, Drew has shown a keen interest in the arts, joinery and engineering from an early age. A self described autodidact, Drew has learned several aspects of illustration, fine woodworking, and the research surrounding those subjects. Bolstered by a childhood spent repairing, maintaining and flying gliders with his father, and learning to play the violin and viola, he found an outlet for his passion for learning by combining his skills in the field of instrument making, which he went on to study full time at the Newark School of Violin Making and Repair in 2013.

Drew’s time at Newark found him rapidly leaving the beaten track and studying instruments from many less well known and earlier makers, culminating in several instruments based on the Brescian makers as well as a keen interest in the historical geometry and construction of instruments. An interest in early Baroque instruments has followed with the recent completion of a Talbot Bass Violin amongst other more unusual projects.